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Alliance Media Group has a track record of providing high-impact solutions to marketing problems for businesses of all sizes. Our unique mix of resources, industry experiences, and media relationships enable us to deliver superior insights, differentiated programs, and exceptional results.

Marketing plan development

Market strategy is an output of the strategic planning process and, in its simplest sense, market strategy is about delivering customer value that leads to sales and profitability. A sound marketing plan always starts with an understanding of customers, your competition, and the business environment in which you operate. It is looking at past endeavors and current attempts, and then bringing it all together in a comprehensive approach that is consistent in delivering your message. We will help to piece together the complicated puzzle that is modern advertising into a clear and efficient approach to help you deliver your message to your customer.

Brand & product identity development

We will create and implement a campaign to develop and sustain customer perceptions. The initial challenge is to build awareness, then develop the brand personality, and finally to reinforce that perception. The ultimate value of your brand hinges on how customers perceive you. We work with our clients to develop branding that differentiates their business from the competition and creates a message that communicates value. Whether you are launching a new brand, refreshing an old brand, or re-positioning yourself in the marketplace, we will help you determine how your company’s goals, market trends, and customer insights all intersect to create an engaging, lasting, and profitable brand.

Media planning & buying

We will help you to achieve the highest reach and frequency, pin point your target market, and provide the maximum return on your investment. We will then put together a media schedule, and negotiate the best prices and value-added services on your behalf. We take care of all media buying, insertion orders, and media placement, plus all the coordination and follow-up, and can guide you in your results/measurement tracking.

Media specific capabilities


  • Copywriting
  • Direct mail
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures

and more...

(We take care of creative, production, placement, printing, postage, etc.)


  • Production and placement of radio spots and PSAs
  • Script conceptualization and copywriting
  • Live, on site remotes by radio personalities

Video & Photography

  • Full length TV show production
  • Post-production video editing, motion graphics, and titling
  • Virtual tour interactive video and web based video
  • Location and studio photography and videography
  • Commercial and industrial education and training videos
  • Filmed and animated TV advertisements


  • Creation and placement of traditional outdoor bulletins and posters
  • Digital outdoor designs, displays, and placement
  • Transit displays, moving or stationary


  • Website development
  • Video product and demo sales
  • QR Code development
  • Internet advertising, design, and placement services
  • Social Media
  • Keyword Search and Target Marketing